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Monthly Archive November 2013

Can thermal Imaging detect water leaks?

Can Thermal Imaging detect Water Leaks?

Yes Thermal imaging can detect water leaks, water intrusion, and plumbing leaks inside walls before they become visible.  Just because you cant see it, doesn’t mean it is not there!  Thermal Imaging can help you trace the leak back to the source, finding the area that needs to be repaired, some hard to find leaks surface several feet from the actual problem, thermal imaging can detect the path that the water is traveling, so you know where to make the repair.

The purple or dark blue area in the thermal images shows where the water has entered a wall cavity through the roof traveling down against the ceiling joist of a vaulted ceiling, a leak from pipe in the wall, a toilet overflow, etc.  The thermal imaging cameras are able to detect this before it became visible, giving the homeowner a chance to make the necessary repairs before the leak had a chance to cause further water damage and before mold can grow within the wall cavity.  Thermal imaging also helps to pinpoint what areas of a wall need to be opened to take care of a problem without having to tear the whole wall down or an incorrect area of a wall in order to find the problem.