Whether it is on a holiday or in the middle of the night we are available to serve you just by simply calling our emergency service line at (866) 462-9620. We will assure you the proper service and we guarantee a 2 hour response time to those in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.



Custom Group staff will provide you with Certified Water Extraction and Remediation Technicians or Supervisor’s in this field. If your property suffers a water loss we can properly dry out your area with the latest technology available. All of our technicians go through IICRC training and some technicians are Vortex Certified and have hours of field training. We use several different systems to assure proper drying techniques from the Vortex drying system. We also carry LGR dehumidifiers and desiccants which can suit any type of situation. With our structural drying equipment we are saving your property from any type of moisture and preventing mold from growing. If you need any of the following items dried out like: wall cavity, wood floors or a crawl space, we can assure you that your needs will be custom fit. Our main goal is to get your business or home back to a normal condition within a couple of days.


We implement the Vortex drying system. This system has proven through the science of psychometrics that your structure or basement will be dried out with the art and science of drying from humidity readings, thermal imaging, and state of the art equipment.


Custom Group has Certified Technicians that are trained with certifications from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC), Association of Cleaning and Restoration (ACR) and the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA). Custom Group is very knowledgeable and experienced and we have a warehouse of Vortex Drying equipment to eradicate the situation from your home or business.


What is Mold?
Mold can grow on wood, carpet, food etc. when water or moisture accumulates indoors, tiny spores produce and reproduce. To eliminate mold or mold spores within your indoor environment we will have to control the mold growth and control the moisture.


What are some Sources of Moisture?

• Floods
• Leaky plumbing or roofs
• Window Condensation
• HVAC ducts neglected
• Air Humidity
• Damp Crawl Spaces or Basement


How does Mold affect your Family or Employees?
Allergies – Asthma episodes, runny nose, heavy cough
Respiratory – Hard time breathing and wheezing
Immune – People with low immune systems are very acceptable to mold


Custom’s Remediation Process:

1st – Visual Inspection
2nd – Thermal Image the property
3rd – Take air samples from inside and outside the property.
4th – Put together scope of work
5th – Contact Hygienist (if required)
6th – Isolate and contain all affected areas
7th – HEPA Air Filters, Air Scrubbers and negative air machines are installed
8th – Affected drywall and building materials will be disposed of
9th – Seal with anti-microbial sealant
10th – All areas will be bio-washed and wiped down
11th – Replace all affected building materials



We are able to remove even the toughest odors from the ethnic cooking, nicotine or pet urine, smoke and soot damage. We can guarantee the source of the odor removed through an ozone treatment, hard surface cleaning, hot fogging, vapor treatments and HVAC cleaning.


If you need any of the following items dried out like: wall cavity, wood floors or a crawl space we can assure you that your needs will be custom fit and we carry the latest drying equipment available.


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