We carry a full line of Shaw flooring products.  If you need custom carpet with borders, or a large commercial application or just a room of carpeting, we have the latest styles in plush, cut piles, Frieze, Berber, commercial and indoor/outdoor carpet as well as carpet tiles. We will bring the show room to you in today’s busy society doing the leg work for you will save you time. Tile Flooring / Hard Surfaces
We have a large selection of ceramic flooring that can complement any area of your home that provides a durable long lasting results and an easy to maintain finish.  We also carry a variety of other stone finishes as well as porcelain that can always give a classy and beautified look. 

Hardwood Flooring
This gives the home a warm and elegant feeling throughout your home.  We offer cherry,  maple and oak some other imported hard surfaces as well teak or bamboo are also available with our in house installation and repair center from scratches or water damage.


Laminate Flooring
By choice the preference to hardwood due to its durable finish, we have a variety of colors and patterns to fit your need whether it’s in your home or commercial area we have the beautiful real wood look.



We offer professional installation that assures you a warm and comfortable feeling to your new carpeting. We offer both stretch-over pad or glue-down carpeting for residential and commercial applications.


Hard Surfaces
We take pride in laying down your ceramic floor although it can be a messy process we assure that your home is protected from dust and debris and that all work is cleaned up after each workday.  This will leave a professional result.


Hardwood / Refinishing
When your hardwood flooring is being installed it usually takes two or three days it can be somewhat noisy so we encourage that you spend the day away.  A sales associate can go over your needs during the time of installation. If you are having refinishing applied to your home we encourage a one or two day vacancy to assure the best possible results to your investment.

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