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Remove pet stains, oders, urine, muddy paws prints from carpet


The winter “might” be leaving us soon and when it does we are going to have a lot of wet muddy ground out there! This can mean extra work to keep your carpet looking its best! If you own any dogs, you’ll probably have muddy paw-prints tracked in every time you take them outside. Even if you don’t have a dog, muddy prints are bound to happen by you or your kids. Here are quick and easy instructions on how to remove muddy paw prints from carpet.


First step is to walk away! That’s right, just walk away. The trick to removing mud and dirty paw prints from your carpet is to let the mud dry. Dry soil can be easily be vacuumed up without spreading the muddy mess around. But be sure others don’t walk through it and track it even deeper into your home.


After the muddy paw prints have completely dried, pull your vacuum out and vacuum the area slowly – take your time here. By slowing down, you give the vacuum the time to do its job of removing mud and dry soil. People often assume that because they can’t see the soil that it isn’t there. Not true. Slow down and try to double your vacuum time – the debris may have just settled down deeper into the carpet to a less visible area.


Once you finish with the vacuum, you’ll still have a few dirty spots remaining. Simply spot treat these with a carpet cleaning product like “Spot-Out” or Resolve. If you do not have any of this on hand try a spray bottle of white vinegar and water (a 50/50 mix is the perfect cleaner to keep on hand for many carpet spills) and a white cotton towel. Spray the soiled spot with the vinegar and water mixture then press down with a clean, white cotton towel.


The towel will absorb the moisture and bring any remaining soil along with it. This method leaves your carpet residue-free, unlike many spot cleaners which can end up attracting soil. Again, take your time and don’t be tempted to scrub. Scrubbing moves the soil back and forth, while blotting or pressing down helps to lift the moisture and soil up into the towel.


If you are unsuccessful or there are just too many prints for you to deal with, try contacting a professional! They have the equipment, the products, and can take care of the problem very quickly and for a reasonable price.


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